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INSPIRATIONAL: Out-of-the-box outdoor advertising

Big and prominently placed, billboards offer a large canvas to target the public. But cutting through the surrounding visual noise is truly an art form.

We surfed a bit and found some great examples of creative advertising. The following brilliantly creative examples of billboard design do exactly that. See how Miele sucked the balloon, Mr. Proper washed the zebra, and FedEx went straight to the sky … Which is your favorite?

In the sea of advertisements that are splashing over your customers from all sides, the way to get their attention is to combine creativity and your message in a new, unexpected and completely different way… Such ads are not only noticed by your customers but they also talk about them, send them to friends and building a “word of mouth” that spreads like a virus on social media networks, getting your message across.
Since “visuals speak louder than words, we will no longer bother you with “theory.” We will let you enjoy these interesting examples, which may also ignite the spark of inspiration, creation, and innovation in you …


All these and many other great examples of outdoor advertising can be viewed here:
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