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Make the font… readable even at 100 km/h

What size of the text is needed?

Just a few seconds!

That’s the time drivers give you as they are passing by your jumbo billboard. A couple of seconds is SUFFICIENT for you to be seen, if you know the right measure.

You have an amazing product or service, great offer, but if you do not use the right font size, there is a great chance your audience will not perceive your message. Especially when your jumbo billboard is on the road where the speed is great.

Some researches have shown that the main message on a jumbo billboards about 100 m away should be printed with a font of at least 50 points in size so that passers-by can also perceive it and read in a short time. If you add additional information to the main message, this subtext should be around 35 points

The greater the distance of a billboard, the larger the text on it should be. For example, for a distance of 200 a 65-point size should be for the main message,  50 point font for subtitling, whereas at a distance of about 300 m the main message should be the size of 80 points and a subtext at least the size of 65 points. The most important information should be the largest to ensure it is read first.

Another tip – make sure the spacing between the letters on the billboard is about 15-20% wider than the one you use for usual texts. Letters that are too close to each other will cause a crowding effect  and make your message unreadable.

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