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About colors

Just like music- every color has an emotion attached to it.

Colors, tones, and contrasts are powerful weapons that can make your message on the jumbo poster clearer, more noticeable and more memorable …

You have created a perfect campaign, found the best locations for your posters, and now you just need the right combination of colors to make your message 100% effective. But which colors should you choose?

As for outdoor advertising, it’s crucial that the message is easily readable. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has tested 18 color combinations to find out which color combinations are best. According to OAAA’s research, messages are the most legible when written in the combination of colors with the greatest contrast, for example, a combination of a yellow background and a black text, while the combination of red and yellow is hard to discern.

Contrasting colors are viewed well even from great distances, so the rule is very simple: greater contrast – greater visibility. On the other hand, adjacent colors, such as blue and green, make especially poor combinations since their contrast is similar in both hue and value. The combination of low-contrast colors leads to the fusion of the background and the text, so the message becomes completely incomprehensible from a distance.

In addition to contrast, you also need to keep in mind not to use complementary colors, e.g. a red background and green text. Although they are colors that have a good contrast ratio, they are complementary, and such combinations strongly “vibrate” it is difficult for the human eye to process the wavelength variations associated with complementary colors. Therefore, a quivering or optical distortion is sometimes detected when two complementary colors are used in tandem.

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